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Our neuters

They were part of breeding program at some point and today they join the neuter gang. It might happen that we decide, at some point, that they could be even happier if we reallocate them. If that happens, it will be very carefully analised!

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CH BR* BeautifulToLive Kyra


The first mommy in our cattery. Our ginger. We are greatful for all the amaizing kittens she gave us. She was neuter on sept/2020 and keeps being the boss at our home!


SC BR* D'Arcoons Yuri


The first mommy in our cattery. Our sweet giant. We are greatful for all the amaizing kittens he gave us. He was neuter on jul/2020 and keeps being the cuttest at our home!


CH BR* Allfla Côco Chanel - Gabiruta

The first keeper in our cattery. Our Gabiruta. We are greatful for having such a beautiful girl like her. She was neuter on jun/2020 and  on mar/2021 she moved to her new forever home, where she can rule the sofa and the playground, and above all be herself: Spoiled and with a unique personality! We miss her deeply, but we know it was the best choice for her!


GIC BR* Allfla Derek Morgan JW

Our first Junior Winner, a dream after a dream... and he left me another dream. Amaizing, sweet and cute, he was spayed in april/2021. Stays with us, being the spoiled mommy's boy as always! He is simply fantastic in every single way!


BR* Allfla Gamora

Nossa Guardiã das Galaxias foi castrada em jan/2022. Permanece com a gente, nos guardando, nos protegendo. Sendo a gata da mãe dela, a Kyra. E sendo mãe da nossa linda Malévola, que continua a linha dessas meninas incríveis, ronronentas e falantes. Não tem como não amar né?