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Our Youngstars

And with them our future will happen! Our Allfla Family youngstars!


HU* Donald Trump of Dragon's Blood

Dad: Yonatán Hammamet Yasmine *SK

Mom: Vesna Rainbowheart *RU

Birth: 10/07/2020

Color: Red blotched - MCO d 22

Exames: HCM (per parents DNA), PKD, SMA, PKDeF N/N. Also FIV/Felv negative.

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BR* Allfla Krystal

Dad: GIC BR* Allfla Derek Morgan

Mom: Gaga Lady BillAndCoo, CZ

Birth: 28/07/2020

Color: Black Tortie Silver Mackerel - MCO fs 23

Exames: HCM (per parents DNA), PKD, SMA, PKDeF N/N (per parents DNA). Also Fiv & Felv Negative.

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HU* Heart Stealer Taste of Summer

Dad: DE* Langstteich's P'Keep Smiling

Mom: HU* Heart Stealer You're the one

Birth: 01/08/2020

Color: Black Blotched - MCO n 22

Exames: HCM (per parents DNA), SMA, PKD e PKDeF per parents DNA. Also FIV & Felv neg. 

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